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finally got into forum

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finally got into forum

I have found it hard before to make a post in this forum, what with perfectly good passwords being rejected, then difficulty finding the Make A Post button, etcetera. But I wanted to get here to say that I am completely p'd off with what Plusnet customer service has become. I sacked BT because their interface was a maddening circle of hell and it was not possible to get through to anyone directly, by email or phone, because the whole thing was built on the assumption they had already thought of all the questions you could possibly want to ask. Now Plusnet has gone the same way. I see others have complained before about the closing of the help email address and have been brushed off. For me, I have to seriously consider switching providers unless it is put back. My last inquiry was not an urgent matter but good job because it was, in the end, impossible to get anyone with any knowledge to read it.

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Re: finally got into forum

@benny67I have been a PN customer, and so far as I am aware, there has never been an email address for customer support. There was an efficient ticket system, but unfortunately PN decided in their wisdom to emasculate it in favour of live chat and (as I understand it) Twitter, but as you say quite rightly, for non-urgent questions this is a retrograde step which they have stated they will not reverse.

My suggestion, providing you do not have to post personal/sensitive/account information, is to ask the question on the relevant board on the forum and you then get the added bonus that maybe some of the knowledgeable customers could possibly answer your question before the Help Team get round to it.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: finally got into forum

I'm sorry to hear you feel that way @beeny67

As advised above we've not had a help e-mail address for a very long time or potentially never

If there's anything we can help with feel free to post the query here  and we'd be more than happy to help

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 Matthew Wheeler
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