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Disgracefully long waiting time for customer service - now I have no Broadband.

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Disgracefully long waiting time for customer service - now I have no Broadband.

Arranged to move my account when I move house but only had a provisional date. Informed Plusnet when the provisional date was changed and was told to inform them when this was confirmed. I spent over 48 hours trying to get through. Online chat wasn't working either. When you are working it is not possible to stay on hold for over 45 minutes on the off-chance that someone will answer! When I finally got through this evening online, after hanging on listening to the dreadful music on the phone (left work early to try both methods) I was informed that while my new account would be activated on the correct date my broadband was to be disconnected in my 'old' address a week before I move. The most galling thing was being told that because it was 5pm nothing could stop this happening. I pointed out that I started trying to call this morning at exactly 7.30am, but had to leave at 8am for work (this made me late) and had started calling this afternoon at 3.30pm but hadn't made contact until about 4.40pm....  

What kind of company cuts off your old account (which is paid for) a week before activating the new one?! Am  meant to be in limbo for that week?


I am absolutely furious. If Plusnet had decent customer service I would have been able to get through on the first day I tried to confirm my moving date - 6.11.18. I did speak to someone on 7.11.18 who said he would put a note on my account, but this obviously was only partially actioned. He was unhelpful and couldn't wait to get me off the line after I complained about the hours I had spent attempting to make contact.


I have been offered the princely sum of £13 compensation - what a joke.


I really wish I had used my move as an opportunity to leave Plusnet. The customer service used to be excellent, but they have sunk to the level of TalkTalk or BT.  


I am now moving housing now have a week where i cannot access documents online, make orders online etc. apart from on my smartphone using up my data. Plusnet couldn't care less.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Disgracefully long waiting time for customer service - now I have no Broadband.

Hi @SusanH67


I am deeply sorry to hear that your House Move order was not processed as instructed, causing you to be disconnected earlier than requested.


I can see earlier today you spoke to a member of our team regarding your query. They have left a ticket on your account which you can view by Clicking Here


Has everything been resolved for you?


If you need further assistance, please feel free to ask.