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fantastic support - thank you

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fantastic support - thank you

My sister asked me to look at her friend's PC and net connection as it was "playing up"
The friend turned out to be a pensioner, who (because she doesn't like to make a fuss) had been offline for about 2 months
The (Thompson) router had all the lights on and claimed it's connection was fine - and the PC worked perfectly
I brought the PC to my house to test it's connectivity on a network I was sure worked, and it connected first time, no hassle
because the router's lights were all lit the first support suggested it could be the ethernet cable and sent a new one to try
we tried that and it made no difference so I took my router over and tried it at her house - instant perfect connection
So .. I phoned customer support expecting to have to go through a whole range of questions and a set diagnostic procedure
Told the guy what we'd done so far and that it worked fine with my router so we belived the Thompson one to be at fault even though all the lights were on
and, with no technical faffery or long-winded script he has to follow, he just agrees with my assesment !
at 1pm(ish) he says he will make sure a replacement routher is sent out as soon as possible - it arrives the next day!!
I know the above is a bit long-winded, but the bottom line is ~ Thanks PLusNet ~ No hassle, No fuss, just an (almost) instant solution
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Re: fantastic support - thank you

Glad to hear you got it sorted fairly quickly.
With router returns as long as you've checked the PC elsewhere and tried a different router then there's not much else to check. Smiley