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complaint dejavu

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complaint dejavu

Will try to type complaint before signal goes, 10-15 times last night this morn, simular to the 50 times in the first couple of weeks with plusnet, dont know if its router or server, do regularly check computer and router, annoying to say the least, wound up with it.
On top of my dissatisfaction from start, being led to believe l0gb would suffice for my ordinary needs, used up in a week, upgrade to 60gb, but plusnet wont do it till billing, meaning l had to pay an extra l5pound for extra l5gb, also led to beleive l needed pn router despite having my own, and a sky one, making my first bill 47pound, when l left sky to economise down from their 33 average, now on upgrade of 60gb will average 32 pound, back to sky prices, but service not as reliable, in lyr with sky, 4 with virgin can honestly say l,d no problem with service.  Also later learn if l cancel, even being not on contract, lve 25 deferred start up charge, 25 cancellation and 40plus for router.  Seems its the way some businesses are now practising, everything in terms and conditions knowing many people have neither the time or patience to read multiple pages of them, relying on the sales person to be upfront and tell them the hidden costs.  As cancelling with sky 2 month ago, the discovering l was still having dd,s taken out of 22 presumably for freeview, rang again emphasised all needed cancelling, cant inform by emial, cant find one, still got freeview channels on, despite cancelling dd,s, then letter telling me l,ll be paper billed with a charge of course, no doubt another suprise=shock about unknown charges,whatever.  Same with me buying on a buy now pay later, wasnt informed that as soon as the year was up l wouldnt be invoiced or statement sent, forgetting isnt alllowed, no reminders,  just take out dd,s and bang on interest of 90quid,  getting worse with companies, having the integrity to state up front extra charges.
Becoming more and more of a time consuming annoying battleground.  As for pnet if l cancel they will charge me nr a 100pound and thats without being in a contract, so will in effect have cost me 160quid for 2months internet-phone provision.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: complaint dejavu

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had with your service.
According to your account your connection has actually been quite stable of late, I can see 5 or 6 disconnection in the last 24 hours, however the connection was up for 3 days prior to that.
Could you let us know what happens from your point of view when the connection is lost, that's assuming that you are using your broadband connection when losing signal.
Just so you know we're more than happy to help you resolve this and would recommend raising the issue here: before replying back to this thread and we'll take things from there.
With regards to the other issues you've mentioned, we never intend to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with regards to any contractual obligations, deferred contracts or any charges relating to cancellation, in fact if you did sign up over the phone these should all have been mentioned to you. I can only apologise if they weren't.
Becoming more and more of a time consuming annoying battleground.

Well, we'll do all we can to avoid that so do let us know when you've had chance to raise the fault via the page I've directed you to, the process should only take a few minutes of your time and helps gather valuable information that we need to assist you.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team