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compensation for poor service provided

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compensation for poor service provided

about 7 months ago i reported a fault with my broadband (noise on phone line and slow broadband). an engineer was sent out but said he couldn't find a fault and i had to pay £50. fast forward 7 months still having slow broadband and noise on phone another engineer was sent out and did a great job and found a fault on the line that was not in my property. since the engineer fixed the fault i have had a good broadband service. how likely is it that this fault was there when the first engineer came out and that had he found the said fault would i have had these problems with my broadband that i have had for the last 7 months. as it would appear that the first engineer didn't do his job properly should i get the £50 fee back plus compensated for the poor broadband speed i got for most of the last 7 months

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Re: compensation for poor service provided

Absolutely Tony, I had six months of mega slow broadband and more visit from engineers than I ever thought possible and although plusnet never played fair at times I did after a lot of arm twisting on my part get the whole of my subscription money back including line rental plus compensation into three figures.

Keep at it mate and hold them to account.

PS. They also tried to charge me that £50 on more than one occasion so insist on getting that back as well. Fair dinkums if it was your fault such as carpet grippers through the cable but otherwise.....  

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Herman Melville
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Re: compensation for poor service provided

Hi there,


I've taken a look over your account, going back to the fault in May and have reviewed the engineer notes and the type of fault reported. This appears to have been reported as a phone fault and the issue seemed to be caused by 2 filters being attached to the line at one socket. Following this no further fault was reported to us until October, so I'm afraid that the engineer fee is correct and we wouldn't provide any compensation for that period.

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