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biggest mistake ever!

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Registered: ‎14-02-2013

biggest mistake ever!

why oh why did i go to plusnet.
i signed up on 22/1/13 didnt get connected til(i wont bore you with installation problems aswell)  13/2/13 then plusnet cancelled my broadband by mistake on 3/3/13 now ive no broadband.  i now have to wait for new slot for an engineer?????
i want to leave having only had 17 days service since my initial payment on 22/1/13.  ive been told if i cancel i have to pay £160 for a service there not even providing.  i accepted i would have to pay a fee thinking £25 or something but £160?
how do i get this waved? i dont see why i should pay for their constant mistakes
ive never known a company repeat SLAs when you complaining like plusnet do they must memorise each one every night
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: biggest mistake ever!

Hi there,
I'm really sorry this happened however it looks like from your tickets that our suppliers have admitted that the service was cancelled due to their error and as a result we've been able to get an expedited engineer visit to have this fixed for you on Monday?
If you are willing to stick with us until then we'll make sure to refund you for the time the service hasn't been available?