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Wrongful missed payment bad credit

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Wrongful missed payment bad credit

There was a missed payment about 10 months ago. But i had plenty of funds in my account and didn’t stop the direct debit.. i manually tried to pay the balance by calling with bank card, but everytime i did they would say it went through, but then it didnt.. and then they would not tell me it hadnt.

I called nearly everyday trying rectify the problem but it kept happening, i called my bank and they said it wasn’t to do with them. Most if the time period my service was also stopped , so i was essentially not getting a service anyway and was getting non payment fees.

Anyway after a few weeks it was rectified and i got refunded the late payment fees. But now i have a serious negative credit on my credit report because of it and I’m trying to get a mortgage.. i might not be able to because of this.

I’m really annoyed.
anyway to change this?

It was a simple £9 a month payment that didnt work.. its crazy this little honest disruption could make me seen as a bad irresponsible person in the eyes of lenders.
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Re: Wrongful missed payment bad credit

Apply a notice of correction to your credit report if you can't get it shifted in enough time. A computer then can't automatically reject an application and it should be reviewed by a human.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Wrongful missed payment bad credit

Hello @Vinceleeds83,


I am deeply sorry to hear of your experience and for the inconvenience this has caused.


I really would like to look into this for you, please can you PM me the following details;


  • The mobile number in question.
  • Your full name and confirmation if you are the account holder.
  • Your full address including postcode.

Once you have sent these details across, please update this thread and I will locate the account.



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