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PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service

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PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service

This award is made to Plusnet for the worst customer service EVER.


 it is     ................................unbelievably,  TERRIBLE,   in fact it is LOUSY.....


Over the past couple of years. I have complained, in the forum, about the closure of LIVE CHAT... as a means for DISABLED customers to contact PlusNet.

the first time this happened... (without any warnings or notifications on the Live Chat Access pages ).. was when the phone lines were given PRIORITY access to normal speaking and normal hearing customers, to the detriment of the service that disabled customers could not speak to customer services.

due to my "campaign"... eventually, PlusNet relented... and after about 3 weeks, they "partially" restored customer service to disabled customers  for a limited access period during the day. this lasted for a further 2 weeks, before "normal service " was fully restored to LIVE CHAT..


That must have been a "trial run" for a future close down, permanently, of the LIVE CHAT service that disabled customers  relied on to contact customer services direct on a "one to one" basis, the same as "normal" speech and hearing customers do, on the phones..


( in case you don`t understand the "disabled customers" ..... these are  " hard of hearing/deaf  and those with speech impediments" ) .


 Because.... over the last two months, Live Chat was again ( to put it in the sneaky terms of PlusNet .... "paused". ) with no notices to the effect, on the Live Chat access pages...


and indeed, the wording on the acces pages was a blatant LIE...

saying that Live Chat was busy... ( it was not. ... it was switched off )...


After about 2 weeks, it was admitted by a plusnet staff member that Live Chat was indeed, closed, 

and it would not re-start....


it took a further 2 weeks for them to put a notice to that effect on the live chat access page.

despite suggestions for a notice to be put as a stick on the top of this board..


Why am I telling you this...... ?

Why has Plusnet got the above award for customer service...


Today.... I received an email...   it starts off  with this paragraph....


As promised, now you`r coming towards the end of your contract we`d like to off you an account review so we can make sure your`r still on the right package

To get your account review, speak to one of our advisors by giving us a call on 0800 587 1942



Really ?   anyone home, at Plusnet... does anyone know that I am "hard of hearing" almost DEAF  ?  

Obviously not... 


Thank you insulting me, so crassly, after over TEN YEARS as a loyal customer... this is how you get treated..


So.... Plusnet...


NO THANK YOU...   I am seriously looking for another supplier... One who CAN communicate direct with me, and not via a "third person"  /  interpreter   / intermediary.


and one who really can   " do me proud "...



p.s... they will probably suggest that I use the NGT ( speak and text message service ) ...


BUT.. here again.. another insult....

PlusNet DO NOT SUPPORT this application. for LINUX users.


.( we are an "insignificant" quantity as far as they are concerned... )



Just another example of the LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE to disabled customers... 




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Re: PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service

Im no expert but surely that is discrimination and seems like disabled people are being punished.

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Re: PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service

I had a terrible encounter with a really obnoxious guy the other day, he was appealing and I terminated the call and he was still ranting on.

I won't be renewing my contract 

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Re: PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service

I'm stupid and got my replies mixed up. Please ignore me 🙄

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Re: PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service


Either no one is in charge at PN.....or there is a deliberate plan to reduce services to a point where more customers are leaving than being that point those who are still here will be given the option of moving to BT with some little inducement added which will cease when it comes to renewal....or the option of not agreeing to switch and either finding another supplier or your service ceasing on a specific date.

I can see no other reason for a company to reduce services and at the same time fail to address issues such as billing which has been going on for at least 18 months.

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Re: PlusNet Award Winning Customer Service

Surely BT will be sending the auditors in soon?

A large part of Plusnet's balance sheet should surely read under Intangible Assets:-

"Customer loyalty, brand reputation etc" - but this must be a reducing asset.

The hardware (a bunch of servers) and a call centre cannot have a very great resale value.

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