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Wrong promisses and terrible customer service

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Registered: ‎11-08-2011

Wrong promisses and terrible customer service

I had taken plusnet service about 10 months back as pay as you go. I was told that I just need to pay monthly charges and nothing else at all. I just had moved to a new place where there is no BT line and I wanted to close my account. These guys are now asking me to pay £50 as disconnection fee. When I told them that this was not something I was told when I subscribed for the connection, they replied me back saying I should have read 'full' terms and conditions (please keep in mind that I specifically asked if I have to pay anything extra apart from monthly charges and can I leave at any point of time, and I got reply that not a single penny extra and I can leave whenever I want with 15 days notice).
Now, customer service people are behaving horribly. Its shame I opted for plusnet. I would not advice anyone to take there service.
And on top of it, I was without internet for about 2 months, because BT did something wrong with my account and they have no control over it and they can't even ask BT what they have done. Can you imagine being out of network for 2 months and no answer from customer service team?
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Re: Wrong promisses and terrible customer service

Hi bsengar,
Looking in to this further I can see that BT have placed a telephone ceased order on your line which completed yesterday.  This order will cause the broadband service to be removed from your line.  I'm assuming that you have instructed BT to do so?  If not you will need to contact BT Retail directly to ascertain the reason for this cease order.  We cannot check this as we did not place the order ourselves.  Plusnet can only check it's own orders.
As the line is cease we have agreed to stop the payments on your account for a period of 6 months.  You then have the option to either re-activate the service at your address or a new address at a cost of £65 which you may defer for a period of 12 months.  Alternatively you can close your account but this will mean you will have to pay for the fees that you originally deferred upon sign up as well as the cessation fee associated with ceasing the broadband connection.
If you let us know how you would like to proceed then we can get the ball rolling.