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Worst service and NO fixes

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Registered: ‎31-12-2009

Worst service and NO fixes

I am seriously getting ####ED off with plusnet,
First I get poor downloads speeds, I complain 5 days later I get a responce.........
Second at 12am My speeds go DOWN to 20kbps, I complain/ ticket 4 days later I get an automated email.
Thirdly I am getting disconnected during the night, fine all day but when its unlimited downloads my line drops from plusnet and then is refused connection yet again ticket..... blah blah blah
They then Email me with possible problems with my PC!! lol, the line drops from plusnet's end then refuses to allow me to connect!! Is it just me or do they have NO IDEA AT ALL!!
Fourthly, I complain to the ISPA, I now await an offical responce, and grounds for my MAC code,
PS the above is only scratching the surface on my issues.
If I treated my customers this way I would be out of business....................................
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Worst service and NO fixes

Hi Westy,
I can see you raised us a fault on the 31st December but closed it the following morning, since then we've asked a couple of times for you to test the line in preparation to raising a fault. If you could test the service from the master socket with all phone items unplugged and confirm that the fault is still present then we'll be able to escalate the fault for you and get it investigated - if you can post back confirming I'll make sure this happens today for you.
Sorry for the delays in getting back to you,