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Seems pretty good to me!

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Registered: ‎01-10-2009

Seems pretty good to me!

So far so good!  Internet is reliable - and lets face it that is what we want!  I also notice that any work that disrupts the service is carried out in the early hours of the morning - again much appreciated.  I did notice bad ping times or something during the day if I played DAOC but after a certain time - like midnight! - things were ok.  I don't play the game now though so I ain't so 'bovvered'.  Just keep the internet 'on' at all times and I will eternally grateful (cough - might be something to do with my home server setup as down times mean loss of income!)  Overall 8 or so out of 10. 
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Seems pretty good to me!

Glad to hear it, though if you could elaborate on the missing two out of ten so we can look at improving that we'd be grateful?
Very glad to hear you're happy with how things are going Smiley