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Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced!!

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Registered: ‎03-11-2014

Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced!!

No landline or broadband for over 3 months, took over a month to get through to them 3 months ago, every time you try to ring to log this fault, waiting times in excess of 30 minutes. After 20 has a tendency to cut off meaning you have to start again. Managed to get an engineer appointment, who turned up and left a calling card saying no one was home, my 20 year old daughter was there the whole day waiting. 3 months later have tried again, took forever to actually get through, to get an appointment today, and the engineer didn't even show up!! Took a half day, losing half a days wage to be in when they arrived, which they never did!! Not only am I paying for a landline I can't use, but I'm having to pay more on my mobile to listen to stupid 80s hold music. When I finally get through, appointment is missed, I call to report the fact it's a no show, there's a lack of explanation of why it's a no show, apart from slagging off openreach. And when I point out the wait times to the advisor, I'm told it's because you've grown too quick and you're aware of the problem. I See no evidence of this ever changing. I have no intentions of staying with Plusnet when and if this is finally resolved and will be logging a complaint with ofcom regarding your shoddy customer service.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced!!

Hi vikkiwilliams14,
Really sorry to hear that the engineer didn't turn up as planned yesterday. I've updated the ticket on your account for you.