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Worse customer service ever.

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Worse customer service ever.

I was trying to reset my password using my android mobile phone. The site is not working properly: when you click on the "reset" button nothing happens. I get into a chat and ask for assistance. Assistance? No way, I was patronised and harassed for being a woman. Told to get a family member to help me cause I was doing something wrong, there is no such a thing as a reset button, you are licking in mobile option instead of Broadband as you should, etc etc. I asked a friend to do the same from her mobile (not android) and it worked. I reckon their QA did not spot the fault in their website yet. It is clear for the that the link is broken but "[CSA Removed]" on the chat does not seem to understand that and assume "Ana" is dumb and does not know how to reset a password. I wish I could add the screenshots I took of the conversation. Disgusting. I wish it was 2 weeks ago and I would have cancelled the service.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): CSA name(s) removed (to an area staff can see) as per Forum rules.

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Re: Worse customer service ever.


There are a couple of ways of adding screenshots to a post.

The easiest way is to click on Choose Files from just below the text box when typing a message, and select the relevant file .

Please ensure you redact any names of Customer Service Agents before you post.

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Re: Worse customer service ever.

Hi @anazampa, I am sorry to hear about the recent live chat experience. Please be assured that we take this matter incredibly serious and are going to carry out the proper investigations to ensure this is dealt with appropriately. I have updated you further here