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Why was "Dodgy gaming experience, why?" moved?

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Why was "Dodgy gaming experience, why?" moved?

Please move my request for support back to feedback so I stand some chance of getting a response from plusnet staff.
I purposely did not post it in gaming as it is nothing to do with ‘Share hints and tips for your favourite games, or talk about all the latest releases.’ I want support with a problem I am having, the fact it has the word game in the title doesn’t mean it has to be lumped in that category.
So please move it back or move it again to ‘Other Queries’.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why was "Dodgy gaming experience, why?" moved?

Hi there,
Staff do move around all the forums on this site, in fact I can see Bob answered you within an hour of this post being raised.
Personally I think the post would have been more appropriate for feedback, either way it has gained the attention it needed so that should not matter.
I'll give Bob a nudge that you have replied on your other post here:,90036.0.html
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 Adam Walker
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