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Why, oh why, oh why

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Why, oh why, oh why

Did I bother moving ISP.
As far as I am aware we are in the 21st century,  but Plusnet needs up to a week to provision ADSL.
Is each ASCII character for the commands to create my broadband accounts lovingly reared on an organic digital farm, individually selected for the optimal customer experience?
Or as is more likely you have poor processes and insufficient staff to carry out the amount of work to hand?
Your broadband order status pages states "We'll keep you regularly updated by email until your broadband is activated". Not seeing much in the way of regular contact, except for the lies about when my broadband will be provisioned.
I will be contacting my previous ISP tomorrow transfer back.  Award winning? My arse
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Re: Why, oh why, oh why

Hi there,
I can see that your orders are complete and you should be able to connect now. Sorry if you encountered any delays.
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