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Where is the Openreach Interface

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Where is the Openreach Interface

Whenever there is a problem, the first diagnostic action we are told is to do is remove the faceplate on the incoming line and plug into to the rear master socket. Presumably it is assumed that this will be via a filter in order to get a compatable socket for the modem cable. When I was upgraded to fibre an Openreach technician fitted an official Openreach filtered faceplate.

Surely this is now the interface with Openreach?  Asking people to remove this Openreach faceplate and use a third party filter does not make sense to me, especially, as in my case, I have no extension cables,

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Where is the Openreach Interface

Despite the socket being fitted by Openreach, the demarcation point would still be the test socket behind the faceplate. As such, we would request you test from the test socket using a microfilter to try and rule out internal wiring, or in your case at least the possibility that the faceplate has become faulty.

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Re: Where is the Openreach Interface

It also disconnects your internal wiring, so useful to know if it is causing you an issue, or losing you speed.  

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Re: Where is the Openreach Interface

Just to clarify, an NTE5 SSFP (Basically a prefiltered faceplate) is designed to bypass internal wiring. However, the test socket would bypass the faceplate.

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