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What has happened to C/S ?

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What has happened to C/S ?

Kept hanging on the phone for twenty minutes whilst the agent disappeared to "Investigate" then told I have to wait for 72 hours for a reply to the investigation. This is for an issue that has been waiting since 27th Feb.. It's a damn shambles, not what it used to be and certainly not what they are currently advertising. Wish to god I'd never agreed to a contract now otherwise I'd be off.
My son is having the same problem with his fibre connection, being told different things by different agents.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: What has happened to C/S ?

I'm really sorry that this has happened, that really should not happen. I have just had a chat with a colleague who is currently working on your Fault Ticket. We've managed to get your SNR Target changed from 9db to 6db, hopefully this sorts things out for you.
I've arranged for Khurram to give you a call.
I'll feed back the agent that disappeared and get that dealt with internally. Really sorry about that.