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What do Plusnet get out of the Samknows Box

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What do Plusnet get out of the Samknows Box

I ask because even though the streaming tests have finished the speed tests use up about 3GB per day

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Re: What do Plusnet get out of the Samknows Box

Apologies for jumping on this late Jim, I did ask about this for you last week.

The biggest advantage of the box is that it helps us see how the connection is performing against other suppliers. The data that Samknows collects help them provide a range of reports that are available to ourselves and Ofcom too.

Some of the measures include:

  • Average speeds both downstream and upstream
  • How peak periods affect average downstream rates
  • Latency & packet loss
  • Webpage load times
  • Video streaming time to start and buffering

From our side, we use the data to form metrics which help us understand how the service we provide actually performs from a customer perspective.

I believe Ofcom use the data in their reports too.

Hope this clarifies a bit.








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