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Email "We're about to go mobile"

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Email "We're about to go mobile"

  1. When was the email list for this mailing pulled from the customer database?
  2. Why is there nothing to ensure ex-users are not sent emails that say "As a Plusnet broadband customer"
  3. The link at the end of the email to change email preferences doesn't work because it requires login and that gives Invalid username or password. Please try again.
jelv (a.k.a Spoon Whittler)
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Email "We're about to go mobile"

Apologies for this @jelv,

I believe your account was cancelled on the 10th, which was just after the data pull for comms. At this time, your account was still active and included. You shouldn't need to change any comms preferences from this point onwards.

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