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Well done .....

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Well done .....

..... PlusNet for getting our phone fault sorted so promptly.
Sunday late morning we lost our dialling tone after a call that never got through (we know who was ringing now and they had left a 1571 message). Broadband was OK but we could neither make nor take phone calls.
We were out from the rest of Sunday till late Monday afternoon but were kept up-to-date via text messages. BT had found there was a fault on the line (which we knew anyway as we'd done our own tests by trying different phones in the test socket) and were investigating.
Then this morning, much to our surprise, a BT engineer rang to say he'd be arriving in 10 minutes to do tests, which he did and found the location of the fault and eventually swapped the 'broken' line with a spare line to our house, with the help of another BT man with a hoist on his van. Quite what would have happened if there hadn't been a spare line I'm not sure as the trees next door prevented him repairing the 'broken' wire.
So, we were only without phone acess for just over 2 days and broadband for a few hours while the BT test equipment was plugged into the socket
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Re: Well done .....

Thanks for the feedback Smiley