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Well done all at Plusnet

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Well done all at Plusnet

Only fair to post positive feedback rather than just posting when something goes wrong!

  • Current uptime: 51 days, 15:35:22 I was lucky to get 7 days when with BT!!!

  • Speed has increased by 20% from an average test of 50Mb to 60Mb.

  • Ping times in games have reduced by 50% from 24ms to 12ms (BF4).

  • My monthly bill has also reduced by around £13 and even after the offer it will still be £5 per month less Smiley

  • Best of all if I do need to phone you I can understand what you are saying Smiley

Thumbs up from me  Wink
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Re: Well done all at Plusnet

Good evening,
Thank you for the feedback. I am Glad to hear your happy with our services!
Good ping for Battlefield 4