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Well done Plusnet

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Well done Plusnet

First of all i should have posted at the time but i never thought to, so my bad.  Roll_eyes
So having been with Plusnet for over a year (and the switch over was smooth and pain free) i had a cheeky look at the prices for new customers and noticed that as a new customer i could get unlimited fibre broadband with evening and weekend calls included for a couple of pounds less a month than the 40GB download limit i was currenltly on.
Well i though i'd give Plusnet a call and let them know, maybe they can match it for an exsisting customer.
I spoke to a nice lady and explained that i noticed that new customers were being offered a better deal on thier website (£2 off plus much more internet).
"Oh is this the £2.49 a month for the first 6 months deal that is on the tv at the moment?" i was asked.
"Erm, no" i replied. so i asked "Could i get that instead?" i chanced
"i'm not sure, let me put you thorough to someone who will know, hang on" came that repsonce.
Oh well i though this is going to be the end of this.
"hi there" came a happy intro from a new person. "I understand that you would like to take advantage of the £2.49 a month deal. sadly as an exsisting customer we are unable to offer you as its for new customer only"
"damn" i thought  "worth a try"
"however i could instead give you the unlimited fibre broadband at (£6 off current price)......"
"pardon? i exclaimed. so better than i was after in the first place?"
"Erm....ok, thanks"
"not a problem. Is there anything else i can do for you today?
So, there i was very happy with what had happened, customer service at its best. I was listened to and provided with a better option that the one i was after. No begging, pleading or threatening to leave. Then....a month or so later i was called by customer services
" Hi there Fordy101 this is plusnet. I am calling to talk to you about your service."
"o Oh i thought, They are going to take it away"
"we were wondering if there was anything that you would like us to do to improve our service for you?"
So i explained that i recently improved the package i was on and doubted that this could be improved on but i was happy to talk it over. Well after a short call i was offered an extension of the discount for another 6 months on top of the 12 i had already been given. Wow it gets better and better. I then get a call back not 5 mins later and was told that..
"there was a note on your account that i was to be offered the discount for a further 12 months at the end of the initial 12 months anyway, so why dont i just give you the discount for 24 months instead of the 12?"
On a rough calculation this has now saved me £144. Better than the saving of £48 that i initially was after or the saving of £97 that the new member discount would have given me.
I dont think that i can say how impressed i am more that the fact that i am recommending Plusnet to anyone that will listen.
Keep it up Pluanet. no nonsense indeed. Grin
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Well done Plusnet

Hi fordy101,
Thank you for taking the time to post your experience! Smiley
I'm glad we were able to accommodate in this circumstance!