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Very disappointed

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Very disappointed

Signed up for plusnet phone and broadband start of November. Was all working fine beforehand with BT and sky. Now got nothing. No broadband and no phone. 3 days now. Waiting on openreach engineer to fix but not holding out any hope this will be done anytime soon. Terrible service.
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Re: Very disappointed

Hi @Dillograceriley,

A warm welcome to the forums.  Sorry to hear that you have problems.  Can you please expand a little on your 'journey'

  • Who are you moving from?
  • Does the move involve an upgrade (ADSL to FTTC)?
  • Did you tell your previous supplier that you were migrating ... or di you just leave the whole process to Plusnet?

If the move involved moving from Sky or from ADSL to Fibre then BT Openreach will have been required to do engineering work ... and might have fouled it up.  A similar move to any to other ISP would have entailed the same engineering journey, done by the same engineers, with the same opportunity to get it wrong.

BT Openreach (not Plusnet) have a 72 hour turnaround "repair" service on "faults" - it is they who make "failed installations" become "fault reports" having no priority because the arose from an installation failure.  Your not wrong there - terrible service, but it always has been, ever since the days of the GPO, though then it took 3 months to get anything done.


Hopefully one of the staffers might be able to add some facts here for you over the weekend.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.