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Very disappointed with Plusnet

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Registered: ‎20-05-2015

Very disappointed with Plusnet

Until this last week I've been a fairly satisfied Plusnet.


On 7 October I woke up to find my broadband wasn't working. The broadband light was flashing and there was no light for the internet. I did all the tests on the help page but to no avail and raised question 135473168. I should point out that at this stage I did have a dial tone on the phone. By Sunday 9 October someone had raised the fault and advised I would need an engineer visit. I did all of the tests again and this time there was no dial tone. I then phoned up to book an engineer. After a 30 minute wait on the line I booked an engineer in for 12 October AM. 

That was all fine. So, yesterday I waited in during the morning and my girlfriend in the afternoon with no engineer arriving. When I phoned (again another 30 minute) plusnet in the morning I was assured they would be at mine by 11:30 but they put another standard answer about an engineer into the question ignoring what I had just said on the phone and the earlier posts in the thread. However, when I talked to someone on plusnetchat in the afternoon, who was very helpful albeit giving me bad news, I was told there was no appointment booked in on the plusnet system or the openreach as the appointment hadn't been booked in properly in the first place. Now, I don't completely understand what went wrong here other than an administrative error. For me and my girlfriend this resulted in a half way of work wasted. Although we were both working from home. It was less than satisfactory since we don't have internet so had to resort to using our phones as wifi hotspot.


I have now booked in an engineer to arrive next Wednesday (there was a slot this Friday but I can't afford another half day this with limited internet). However yesterday's experience doesn't give me great confidence in the process. I believe given yesterday's inconvenience and that we'll be 12 days without broadband by the time it's possibly fixed that we should be compensated for both especially given the fact that the next installment of our direct debit is due to be taken next Tuesday.


I look forward to hearing from someone at Plusnet. I've left this out of the original question reference above so as not to further confuse things in that thread 


Many thanks,


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Very disappointed with Plusnet

Hi James,


Sorry to see about the issue and the way things have worked out.

There's not much I can add at the moment as simply put we do need an Openreach to look into the line fault for us.


Please do get back to us here after the visit and I'll follow things up with you.


In the meantime I'm going to go through the recent contacts on your account and pass on some feedback about the issues that you've mentioned.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team