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Usage stats

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Usage stats

Just had a quick look at my usage stats for today the 1st of April and I'm a little confused, it says under the Summary of Internet activities April 01 2010 that already I've used some of my paid for usage that's impossible because it's not after 8am yet, is it a bug you should be aware of? Or is it just the system always shows the previous days Internet activities? And not the current days.
Web: Paid-For Usage 12%    Free 22%  Total Usage 34%
Gaming: Paid-For Usage 2%  Free 4% Total Usage 6%
Streaming: Paid-For Usage 0%  Free 4% Total Usage 4%

But as you can see in the 2nd screenshot it shows paid for usage 0kb used, Free usage 682.21mb used.

Any ideas?
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Re: Usage stats

yes, you are looking at your active month not the callender month, look at your last pic of the 1st april and that shows zero peak for the 1st april