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Usage Allowance limit

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Usage Allowance limit

Each month when I reach my "usage allowance", I get throttled back to 125kbps, this I can deal with, its the rules it works.
But when the new billing month starts trying to get the throttled taken off is quite a night mare, normally takes 3-4 days of messing around, lots of phone calls, calls logged, check this and that.
Does anybody have a quick method of getting the line speed 'reverted'.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
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Re: Usage Allowance limit

Hi Journeys,
Unfortunately this isn't the traffic management - your connection profile is currently set to 250kb/s, probably due to interference on the line. Have you added any new items to the phone line recently at all? Your connection logs don't seem to show any random disconnections.