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Unlimited mobile mobile data .

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Unlimited mobile mobile data .

Why is it that you can have unlimited broadband but you cannot seem to get unlimited phone data plans. I would gladly pay £25 a month for using such a service.
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Re: Unlimited mobile mobile data .

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Re: Unlimited mobile mobile data .

You can get "unlimited data"with some other providers.
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Re: Unlimited mobile mobile data .

I've looked at these deals in the past. Giffgaff throttle the speed after 20GB. I came to the conclusion after a bit of research that the 3 deal is for a SIM that only works in a phone and includes a 30GB limit as a hotspot for other devices.

I was looking for a SIM that would fit into a Mifi (or dongle) that would give a household unlimited wifi access across several devices just as we get with regular broadband. I came to the conclusion that there is nothing on offer.

Was I wrong? If not please advise.

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Re: Unlimited mobile mobile data .

I have a work colleague who has very poor landline internet speeds.

He buys a new unlimited (all you can eat) Three Pay G SIM every month for £35 and uses it in a router which supports 4G.

Appears to work for him & his family.

The teenagers consume vast amounts of Youtube etc.