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Uninterested so called Technical experts.

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Uninterested so called Technical experts.

I would like to complain to this Forum about the so called technical experts fed to us by Plusnet. I complained recently about online gaming pings to these so called technical experts and they barely new what I was on about. My ping to is double what it should be for a fibre user. It is even double that of people on the same exchange. My equipment is far superior to that provided by PlusNet and I can prove the problem is not my equipment. I like to game around the world and this ping delay is making this impossible. This problem seems to come and go so there must be a reason for it. I am basically getting ADSL pings for the price of fibre, what other business could get away with this?
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Re: Uninterested so called Technical experts.

Can you tell us what you typically get for a ping to (that tends to give a reliable 'baseline')?
What kind of figure are you expecting for FTTC?
Does your equipment give access to DSL line stats?  If so can you post as much as possible - particularly interested in whather you have 'delay' listed for upstream and downstream.
Non-interleaved FTTC should give 5-10ms depending on location (could be higher if you're a very long way from London), interleaving typically adds 7-8ms for each direction in which it's applied so a perfectly good but interleaved FTTC connection could have a base ping of around 25ms.
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