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Understanding Plusnet

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Understanding Plusnet

Plusnet is owned wholly by BT who owns all the infrastructure and lines that it fails to maintain properly through the wholly useless Openreach that is also wholly owned by BT despite purporting it to be a separate company. They think that like calling a [-Censored-] school an Academy everything will be better. Of course it will not. I  have had a fault on my line for years that the three of them have failed to repair. I am awaiting another visit from a useless Openreach engineer on the 4th Sept to waste a half day of my life. He needs access to my home to tell me what I already know that the fault is in the outside infrastructure. (whilst typing this I have been held waiting on the phone for 20 minutes to PLUSNET)  The last Openreach engineer told me that the system on my estate was clockwork 60's technology and needs replacing but it would not be because not enough customers were complaining and anyway they are too busy wiring up the new estates around Northampton.  No surprise there then considering that they all three make themselves unavailable to complain to.  I  have been on the phone 27 minutes now listening to some vacuous bint telling me that they are working hard to solve my problem. The engineer told me that there is no telephone number to speak to Openreach directly about abysmal service it has to be done through the service provider. Dream on whilst you are held in a mile long queue. In essence Plusnet started off alright but has defaulted to the  BT could not give a damn attitude, BT is totally garbage as are all its subsidiaries. Finally got though after 40 minutes!!!!!!! BT have a virtual monopoly that they flagrantly abuse. Then of course when people get so frustrated and loose their cool it gives them the excuse to say to themselves thanks very much we can now refuse to act on a vexatious complaint and send out threatening letters. A ploy used by people like British Gas, the NHS and Scottish Power who also coincidentally (not) have lousy ratings.

Government needs to step in directly. Being dealt with by Ofcom is like being savaged by a dead sheep.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Hi @Ronnie,

Please allow me to apologise for the frustration that this fault has caused you. I have reviewed the account this morning and I can see that you have spoken with a member of our support team earlier today regarding the status of your fault investigation. I can also see that you have been assigned a case handler for your complaint and that once we have a further update they will be in touch to discuss the matter with you further.

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 Alex H
 Plusnet Help Team