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Too Expensive Moving on

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Too Expensive Moving on

Well checking the latest ISP offers non of which can be taken up by existing members I've decided to call it a day with PlusNet

The original 76mb broadband speed was never realistic as I am 2K from the nearest box so fibre to the box is negated by copper wires from the box, best I can get for very short periods is 32mb, 10mb is more normal so when I opted to downgrade my 76 to 38 PlusNet put me on a two year contract for two years I have paid my line rental separate this year I decided as it only save £15 a year I'd do it monthly and then I got a shock because then I realised that I was paying £36 a month for broadband and anytime phone, the outside world has moved on and others are cheaper but plusnet is not offering cheap deal to us existing morons so I will go for a 17mb deal and unlimited phone from another ISP sorry plusnet but unless you make me a better offer I am off end of July when my contract matures.

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Re: Too Expensive Moving on

fwiw, '17mb deal' sounds like it is an ADSL service.

If it is ADSL, have you checked what speed may be available to you on ADSL ?

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Too Expensive Moving on

Sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving @tony4384.


tony4384 wrote:unless you make me a better offer I am off end of July when my contract matures.

It's always worth giving our Customer Options Team a call on 0800 013 2632 (Selecting the option for thinking of leaving) to see what they'd be able to offer on a new contract (ADSL or FTTC) with us.

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