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The ISPA are a joke - are Plusnet members?

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The ISPA are a joke - are Plusnet members?

In perhaps the most misguided nomination the ISPA have decided Mozilla are an internet villian:


@mozilla is nominated for the #ISPAs #InternetVillain for their proposed approach to introduce DNS-over-HTTPS in such a way as to bypass UK filtering obligations and parental controls, undermining #internet safety standards in the UK.

Enhancing security and privacy are now acts of villainy? 

Looking around the site PN aren't listed as members, though BT - so are you? 

If so, what input do you have for such things?

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Re: The ISPA are a joke - are Plusnet members?

This seems like a no win proposal.

Bypassing DNS services which deliver safeguarded browsing might indeed protect one’s privacy to view what anyone wants to without hinderance, but in doing so it totally defeats the whole of the safeguarding mechanism. Such mischief might be seen as villainy!

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Re: The ISPA are a joke - are Plusnet members?

I can see the ISPAs perspective.

It circumvents any court orders ISPs have to comply with and the IWF blocks. So from that narrow perspective they would be villians.

The problem is it's the same narrow perspective the UK government took on encryption and them demanding a backdoor to all encrypted communications.

Solves one problem, ignores the countless others.