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Thanks for a stress free upgrade

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Thanks for a stress free upgrade

I recently decided to upgrade to fibre I contacted the COT team and spoke to a very helpful Alex  ,i was concerned after reading all the negative feedback on this forum regarding BTOR  but he assured me that Plusnet had resolved some of these problems ,I was given a good deal  and he arranged for the router to be sent out booked an extension kit , and for the BTOR engineer to call me before he called , within a few days the router turned up and on the due day the engineer phoned up to say he would be with me shortly and my phone would be off for short while ,he then turned up to install my fibre although I had to remind him about the extension ,I was happy with the work carried out
      Im am now getting approx 38mbps  although its dropped during the training period  but if it stays at 38 I will be extremely happy ,So well done Plusnet and sorry for those who have not received the service they deserve and paid for
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Thanks for a stress free upgrade

Hi hooverman,
Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad to hear everything went well.  Smiley
I'll also make sure that Alex knows of your experience as well.
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