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Thanks! (Mostly) smooth migration

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Thanks! (Mostly) smooth migration

Just wanted to post something positive about my experiances with PN so far as there's a lot of negativity about!
I've just migrated to PN Pro and I wanted to say well done for a smooth transaction and so far the speeds I've recieved have been fantastic, youtube videos load INSTANTLY, there's no waiting around it's like a whole different web experiance lol so I'm very impressed with the quality of service. Only problem was you billed me £6.99 for P&P on the free router, but I canceled my hardware order a few weeks before my line migrated, bit of a pain being out of pocket until you refund it but customer services responded in a very timely fashion and promised a refund.
Cheers and keep it up!
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Re: Thanks! (Mostly) smooth migration

Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you're (mostly) happy so far. Smiley
Love the username BTW Wink