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Thank You

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Thank You

I came to this site frustrated and confused as my new order for  fiber broadband seemed to have staled I had tried for 4 days + to get through on the phones only to be cut off by the system as the lines were to busy etc also trying to raise tickets also with no joy I was getting more and more frustrated reading the negative comments posted here swearing at the screen and phone did not help 

That is until today when I did manage to get through on the phone and the person answering could not have been more helpful in sorting my issue within minutes of answering my call 

So yes it can be frustrating trying to get though on the phone etc but let's give these guys some respect for listening to people moaning and complaining all-day and trying there best to help us

we should also post positive outcomes as well as negative to give a balanced view  so on that note THANK YOU  for your help 

Jordan Lowther 


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Re: Thank You

@itisme   Welcome to the forum.  🙂


It is indeed good to see some positive feedback.

I'm sure the guys on the shop floor are doing their best, but I suspect that as usual the working lions are not getting sufficient support and resources from the managerial donkeys.

Murphy was an optimist
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Re: Thank You

@itisme That's nice Smiley I  echo that sentiment because, at Plusnet there are really fantastic people that give brilliant customer service experience and have great knowledge. 


@198kHz has a point, that they all need support to function.


I also want to thank Plusnet for their  unexpected Gesture of goodwill, in last month's bill 😊

What I will do with the £0.16p, is not yet, clear, but I will sleep on Undecided

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Re: Thank You

I just said on another forum, about how good customer services have been. The amount of unhelpful posts I see on here of people complaining. Yes I know it is a big deal when your internet doesn't work and what a PITA (Wow - the PC Brigade haven't blocked and added that to the swear filter yet - give it time Alex) it is. Especially now at these difficult times.

Everyone makes mistakes, including customers and members of staff. I accept that. Life would be boring if everyone didn't and we all had the same points of view. Wouldn't it?

I treat these forums if I were face to face with that that person and speaking to them in person. If I some of the people spoke to someone else in person like some people do here, you'd either get refused service in a shop. Similarly in a pub. Certain pubs your face you'd would get a piece of someone's mind, or their knuckles, or both.

Never happened to me, but I have come close to hitting someone in self defence when I were a student.

Happened to me once, when I helped someone who were using one of my API's and moaning about something didn't work. So I was on the phone hours to India trying to help him. That was hard work, then when I got it fixed he just ignored me. Didn't have the decency to say "Thank you Alex for your help, my fault - it is fixed now". I am sure any developers in PlusNet and outside will appreciate how frustrating that is.

Yes, I like it too when people just say a "Thank you for your support, this has fixed my issue". One of the few good things about Lithium, unlike the unread posts bug (where I don't think a simple bug will ever be fixed within my life expentancy) and the spell checker which seems to come and go like the wind. Means I have to do a Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V into Word. Spell check it and then flick back to the foums (a good old Alt-Tab works on a PC like it does a PC).

I am sure all of the CS staff will have empthay for me, when you fix a problem and the person goes silent and can't even be bothered to say thank you. Even if it is my own fault, I will come clean and admit it. Doesn't take much to admit it.

Sorry I will try come off my soapbox now.

Right, here we go:

*Ctrl A*, *Ctrl C* here.
*Alt Tab*.
*Ctrl V* in Word.
(Spell check).
*Alt Tab back here*.

Grr - well at least I would if Office wasn't moaning about activation. Although I have a legit copy (honest guv). Their wonderful system is down. So I pay for Office 365 and can't use Word yet again. Then they wonder why people turn to cracked copies. Easier and free.

Sorry I will shut up there - didn't do too tell at coming off my soapbox did I 😳

*Well EDIT HTML in Lithium is useful, or at least it would be if the source appears in a pop-up capable of holding more than two lines of text*. I managed to fix the formatting bug they created in the two lines I had available to use*.

Still now doing too well at coming off my soapbox 😄 

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Re: Thank You

Bad form replying to myself, and now Word is working. "What's going on", as the Four Non Blondes once said.

I think a Skoda (before BMW took them over), or a FIAT 126 BIS which my mum had are more reliable than Microsoft's activation system.

Not funny when you have stuff to do, I pay it for it, it is legit and I am wasting my life trying to get your [-Censored-]ing broken system working.

Microsoft have the audacity to craft the error messages like I am a five year old. I may not be the cleverest person in the world, but I do have a degree in IT Microsoft.

At least it was just a post in Word which was causing problems. I also have Excel and Outlook open which weren't complaining. Strange but still annoying.

Sorry for taking this thread off topic (don't tell me off all at once please mods). Just annoys me when something isn't working, and they accuse you of being being at fault when I am pretty certain I'm not.

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Re: Thank You

Hi @itisme I'm sorry for the troubles you've had contacting us but I'm happy to see you've had a good experience when you did speak to us and thanks for your feedback for Jordan. I've passed this on to him and his manager now as I'm sure they'll be happy to see this too. Let us know if there's anything else you'd need help with.

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