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Terrible start to contract

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Terrible start to contract



I'm a new customer to Plusnet and just wanted to see if anyone else had a bad start that got better?


We ordered fibre broadband and a phoneline for our new house on 23rd June and were told that our phoneline would be activated by 10 July and our broadband by 11th July. We understood that it took time to switch everything over and were happy to wait.

Well the 10th arrived and we were told our new phone line was active ... it isn't. If you call it, it doesn't ring but goes straight to answerphone. If you try to dial out, there isn't a dial tone, just a low buzzing tone. 

The 11th arrived, but our broadband didn't. We were sent a message saying the order had been delayed, but no further explanation. We called Plusnet and they said an engineer had to go to the exchange and this would be done on the 12th with us up and running by the 13th. Frustrating but we understand things sometimes happen.

Well it's the 13th and still no phone or broadband. We've been told that an engineer wasn't available to go to the exchange on the 12th and won't be available until the 27th. No apology. No real explanation. Only that Plusnet are sorry we are dissatisfied with the wait. 

When we try to complain via phone we are told that the systems are down and we should call back later. When we complain online our complaint is put on hold, without a response, until the 28th July.


We had really believed, when we placed our order, that we were signing up to a solid provider who would provide a good service. But in reality we feel that no one cares and no one is helping to resolve the situation. We are in a new house without a phone line, or broadband and a baby due in 10 weeks, trying to get everything sorted, but instead having to waste time fighting for a service that we have paid for. 


Please tell me that it will get better! 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Terrible start to contract

Sorry to hear about the issues you've had.

I'm looking into this for you and I'll update the ticket on your account when I know more.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team