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Survey Request

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Survey Request

I received a text message today for a Zoomerang survey asking me to send feedback for a call I made to Plusnet support yesterday.
When I clicked on the link in the text, it opened the Opera browser but the survey would not start.
I checked my emails on my laptop and found the request but when I clicked on the link, the Zoomerang web page informed me that the survey has already been taken.
I would have liked to submit a survey because I was not very happy with the attitude of the support person.  Angry
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Re: Survey Request

Just guessing, but the first (failed) attempt perhaps got recorded as survey taken.
However I suspect direct contact with a staff member on the Digital Care Team is likely to achieve a faster reaction to your concerns. The DCT will be back on Monday and one of them might want to give you a ring. Are you available on Monday if they do?