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Support Tickets - does anyone actually look at them any more?

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Support Tickets - does anyone actually look at them any more?

I have a long standing support ticket orginally opened in July 18, close and then re-opened due to the confusion over the new billing system isssues that have had plenty of discussion on here.

This ticket has not been replied to in several weeks despite me keep updating and asking why no response.

I have worked out now with the aid of the discussion forums what has hapened. It would have been good of Plusnet to acknowledge my issue at the very least. The last comments by Plusnet several weeks ago completely missed the point of the question in the reply.

Is the raising of a support question of any value any more? Are Plusnet bothering to answer them anymore?

Been with Plusnet for a long time now (2005) and an really not impressed at all with their current levels of service which seem to be poor and showing no real interest in their custmors.

Sorry for the rant, but no point in ringing as always a massive wating time on the phone and the online chat no longer works. Maybe an interested Plusnet service team member may read this and show an interest!


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Re: Support Tickets - does anyone actually look at them any more?

Hi there.

Firstly I'm sorry for the delayed response to your thread, it doesn't look like it was picked up by our internal system on this occasion, and I do apologise for the delays in replying to your support ticket.

I can see that you've since got a reply. If you have any further queries please feel free to update the ticket and drop us a reply over here and we'd be happy to pick it up for you as soon as we can.

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