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Superb Support???

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Registered: ‎06-01-2010

Superb Support???

Just thought I'd post my dissatisfaction with no expectation that anyone at F9 will take notice....
But maybe it'll make me feel better Angry
I Have an open question (31360475 if anyone cares) where there has been a routing issue to a fewweb sites, anyway in the FIVE DAYS since I've had any support contact this has resolved itself even though they now want to do the dial test they decided they didn't need to do 5 days ago!
Previously have supplied all info requested (and more) but only got the question updated once a day overnight - very useful!!
seriously unimpressed....
But expecting no better i guess!  Roll eyes Roll eyes
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Re: Superb Support???

Hi there,
I'm really sorry that it took so long to respond, and that when we did the responses weren't satisfactory.
I've passed feedback to the relevant people, and would once again just like to apologise.
I'm glad you got the issue sorted though.