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Speeds and all round poor service

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Speeds and all round poor service

Since starting with plus net i have had nothing but terrible speeds. I can barely get on a web browser in most rooms and even the ones i can it takes about 5 refreshes to get there. When dealing with customer service they were extremely sarcastic towards me and failed to help me in any way whatsoever. 

I also find it a joke that our 14 day statutory rights start from the day you order rather than the day that you receive the product. How can you decide you don't like something without using it. 

All round an absolute joke. A slow clock is ticking on the days till i can get out of this awful contract.

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Speeds and all round poor service

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear you're having a poor experience.

If I'm looking at the right account (from the details on your forum profile), your router doesn't seem to be connecting to the exchange so I'm a bit puzzled to hear you've got slow speeds when there should be no connection at all.


What are the lights doing on the router, and is it plugged into your master socket with no extension leads?




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