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Speed - By far the greatest Issue

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Speed - By far the greatest Issue

Looking through this Forum today, (or any day?) Speed crops up over and over.

Less than was, Less than Expected, Getting Slower, Got Slower, and so on.

Obviously Customer satisfaction for Plusnet or any other ISP is affected by Speed. My Cabinet in the sticks is 800M away and does well to achieve the speeds that it does but having run for months at a speed, slows down and seems to need engineer intervention from time to time. This is costly to provide and every customer is naturally paying their share, a "fit andd forget" system would benefit us all, reliability and speed would keep the majority happy.


I know that the Fibre "Spines" into our Village have been reinforced over the last year and so extra capacity has been added, yet speeds seem to remain unreliable. DLM drops speeds if it remotely suspects a problem but seems reluctant to accept there isn't and so speeds can be returned. Maybe BT/Openreach should look at easier resets so that Plusnet can do it?


I'm told that FTTP is available in my village, a year or so ago locally they experimented with Fibre to the Pole with the thought that this would roll out Nationally if it was succssful.  Obviously Fibre to the Premises is the future and Copper will fade into history at some stage.


If PlusNet is to thrive as a business it will have to offer faster and more reliable Broadband Services in line with competition, or hopefully ahead of it. So I guess the question is When will FTTP be available at speeds of upto 300Mbps or more?

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Re: Speed - By far the greatest Issue

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