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Speak as you find.

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Speak as you find.

I don't know much about this broadband stuff. Switch it on, lights blink and I watch a film - type deal. On Sunday my connection kept dropping with different lights blinking. Phoned Plusnet help at 9:00 on Sunday night. Got through in seconds. Spoke to the efficient and articulate [CSA Removed], who checked it all out told me it was "The Exchange" and reported it. Service came back up half an hour or so later. No problem since. However, yesterday evening an Open Reach engineer rocked up at the house. Checked the whole system end to end with some exciting gizmo's and proclaimed all was was working at peak performance. Many thanks folks.

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Re: Speak as you find.

You are not on your own, service has been OK for me and any problems have been sorted quickly, that`s why I have just committed to a further 18 months, with a competitive deal.

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Re: Speak as you find.

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback here, always good to hear back when things go to plan.



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