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Some disappointments with ordering process

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Some disappointments with ordering process

I'd like to preface this by stating that everyone I have spoken to at PlusNet has been very helpful and I can't fault each call handler’s individual customer service. However, I have found the overall ordering process/experience disappointing.
I originally placed an order for Fibre on 21 Jan and at that time was able to select preferred install dates of 6 Feb. Unbeknownst to me at the time of the order the previous tenants of the address had cancelled the line in such a way that a cease order had been placed with a completion date of Friday 23 Jan. After discussion with PlusNet this was sorted and I was told that once the cease order was completed the line would be reactivated and the broadband order would be placed. An update was then made on the ticket at approx. 3pm on 23 Jan stating that you were still awaiting the cease to complete and the ticket had been put on hold until 7am on 24 Jan. No further updates were made until I contacted PlusNet on Tuesday 27 Jan to chase the matter up, at which point the order to reactivate the line was placed.
The following day (28 Jan) I received a further update saying an order to reactivate the line had been placed. I therefore contacted PlusNet to clarify what was going on and was told that the first order had not gone through due to an error but that it had now been resubmitted. I was also advised that once the line was active the order for fibre could be placed.
After waiting until the evening of 29 Jan I contacted PlusNet again as there appeared to be no sign of a fibre order having been placed. I was advised that this was due to the need to wait for the line to have been active for 24 hours, but that once it was possible to place the order it would get done.
This takes us to today (30 Jan) where again I waited till the evening in the hope that the fibre order would get sorted. Again there was no sign of any updates so I contacted PlusNet and have now got the order placed with a provisional install date of 12 Feb.
Throughout this process it has felt like I’ve had to chase PlusNet to get any actions taken and I can’t say I’m confident that if I’d not done so I’d even have a working phone line at this point. As it is, even with the fibre order now placed, I’m looking at having no broadband for nearly a week longer than I originally anticipated. I accept that some of this was due to the issues with the line being ceased, but I do feel that PlusNet could have been timelier in getting orders placed which may have meant an earlier install date.
Given past experience with PlusNet I have no doubt I’ll be happy with the service when it’s up and running, but I have to admit trying to get this order sorted has soured my opinion somewhat.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Some disappointments with ordering process

Hi Krazeh,
Thanks for your honest feedback. Whilst I'm glad to hear that we were courteous on the phone, arguably it doesn't substitute a working broadband connection.
For the sake of letting the right people know, is there any chance you can message me your username so I can take a look? It seems that your forum account is linked in with another username. Either that, or you have a cracking memory and you're telling me about your install from two years ago  Grin
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