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Slow activation time..

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Slow activation time..



I placed my order on 25th October, I have had to wait 2 weeks for an engineer to visit (He came yesterday and finished really quickly without having to even install a new line).


Now having checked my order status on the site I will be waiting another week to be able to actually use the net, and the router has not even been sent out yet?!



I am amazed how long this process is taking I have never had to wait this long with any ISP before, some of your competitors quoted on their site everything would be ready within 2 weeks yet I am waiting almost a month with plusnet.


I was quite eager to try you guys out as i had heard the service is quite reliable compared to others but now I am having regrets, I urgently need my net for work and am wasting a fortune on mobile broadband data.


Is there nothing that can be done to speed this process up?


Many thanks,


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Re: Slow activation time..

Hi there,

We do advise that the broadband takes a further five working days from the date that the phone is activated. In your instance, this can be found here.

Apologies that this is taking some time, though there's no foreseeable issues with your order.


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Re: Slow activation time..

I just wanted to add that 1 forum post, 2 web chats, 1 support ticket later, no one would believe me my broadband line is active and awaiting plusnet to turn my account on.



I just called up the plusnet support line and had an incredibly friendly and helpful guy who has assisted me in activating the account and I am now using my broadband without issues.



It was incredibly frustrating that i was trying to explain this to several people and its taken a phone call to get it done.



Broadband activated and fully functional 11th, 4 days earlier than the 15th date I was given. 100% praise to the person I spoke to on the phone, he deserves a pay rise!


Initial thoughts on the broadband itself, ping is good and low, no observable packet loss and relatively good speed considering I am living in a flat block with its own internal phone wiring.