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Should we all phone, and not use the online ticket system?

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Should we all phone, and not use the online ticket system?

Should we all phone, and not use the online ticket system to raise a problem?
Quote from: Jameseh
Regarding CSC replying to faults in a non technical way, like you say it is important that they as the majority of the customer base will not be of a technical nature.  Should they adapt on a customer by customer basis?  Probably - especially if it's on the phone, however, it's often harder to guage via a ticket.

Quote from: orbrey
Textbook case of the agents not reading the full ticket and responding to the latest update. I'll pick this up with them and can only apologise - this should not have happened.

Quote from: orbrey
Having said that, if a query is urgent for any reason we'd recommend calling in as you'll get an instant response that way. You can see how busy the phones are and the current wait times at

The recent replies (of which the above quotes are only a selection) from the Comms team seem to suggest that we will get a better and faster response from CSC agents by phone.  The implication is that written tickets get responded to more slowly.  And that it's harder for a CSC agent to realise from a written ticket that the customer concerned knows what they are writing about, and needs more than the standard 'stock' responses asking the customer to try resetting, try a different router, try a different microfilter, and try the BT test socket.  Is this right?  It also seems that CSC agents sometimes don't read a whole series of written tickets before writing a response, so a phone call would mean the customer could remind them at the time of what has gone before.
However... I like writing my problem in the online ticket system: I can think about how to describe it and what I have tried.  Also I can include as much information as possible (and not worry I'm missing something on the phone) - which is surely desirable for a CSC agent trying to solve a problem, though if they don't always read it all then maybe this is wasted effort on my part.  Also I don't have to wait in the phone queue and can report my problem at a time that is convenient to me.  Waiting in a phone queue is not my idea of fun, however long or short the wait is, and however much I can find out the current wait times at
Something I like(d) about Plusnet was being able to change everything, find out everything, and deal with everything about my account on the website.  Has this changed, so now phone is the preferred way of dealing with problems?
Maybe someone could write a "guide to getting your problems dealt with properly and quickly for customers who know what they are talking about" so we can give the CSC agents a clue that they need to read all the tickets properly, and give more than just the stock responses...
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Re: Should we all phone, and not use the online ticket system?

there are certainly occasions where calling us is better.  For example, you have a home phone fault - tickets are (or should be) responded to in order.  Something like a home phone fault is obviously more urgent and calling in will get immediate (or very close) attention from the home phone faults team.
Tickets do have value - you don't have to wait to start writing one.  I won't say that the responses are always perfect, because that's not true and yes, some mistakes are made, just as they are on phonecalls, but obviously we have no visual indication of that.  My comment regarding faults was really more along the lines of there being a standard procedure and some agents may not adapt to responding to someone who is of a more technical nature.
You've illustrated perfectly the value of the online support model from a customer perspective.  At no stage have I suggested not to raise a ticket, they're really handy for the reasons that you have pointed out.