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First of all I ask about getting a better pricing for my package since plus net now merge line rental into the Package..  Ticket told me to call to get the deals..


took my 3 attempt to get through over an hour and finally get through they wasn't bothered..


I then get told I can get my price change as I am still in contract for a few more month but why did they tell me to call in the ticket and didn't just say you cant change your price plan rather than wasting a good hour of my life for you to answer my phone call..


I then ask how much it would cost me to move I got the figure and though well might as well move and they didn't appear to want to keep me and when I ask do I need a mac code i was told I dont need it and so I am free to move and it was like kinda of waving bye bye to me ha ha   So I am now looking for a new ISP.. After been with Force 9... Plus Net for YEARS they just dont want to keep old customers rather take on new.. 

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Re: Shocking

It is sad for those of us that have been here since the Force9 days, when the service was excellent, to see Plusnet in recent months destroying the reputation that they once had, through poor customer service and not bothering to maintain their own infrastructure, and now failing to respond to customers on the forum.

There is no other conclusion other than to look elsewhere, as we've all waited long enough for the upturn which never arrives.


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Re: Shocking

Wow sounds like Plus net really has gone now. Yup force 9 days was fab. Plus net was good till recently
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Re: Shocking

Yes I have been here 8 years and am saddened to see what has become of a great ISP 😞
Present management are only concerned with increased customers at the expense of cutting customer support, and they don't care how many people leave. 😕
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Re: Shocking

it will burn them in the end, of course it might be BT that's doing this

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Re: Shocking

Apologies that you were advised us to call us when your contract isn't due for renewal yet.


when I ask do I need a mac code i was told I dont need it and so I am free to move and it was like kinda of waving bye bye

It's not that we want you to leave us. To transfer your services to a new provider, you don't need MAC code anymore as the process is now "gaining provider led". This changed about mid-2015 if memory serves me right.


When you're in the last 3 months, I'll be happy to arrange a call back to recontract you on the best deal we can.

Please feel free to tag me in a post or PM when that time comes.


EDIT: Alternatively if you prefer to contact us online (i.e. not phone), our Customer Options Team are available on live chat:

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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