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Shocking Customer service

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Registered: ‎17-08-2015

Shocking Customer service

I placed an order for broadband on the 26th of july, i provided the phone number that was provided for my property by the landlord, during the order i was asked for 3 times i would be available for a engineer visit and provided dates that were already part of my booked time off work. i then herd nothing till the 6th of august where i raised concerns that i had no contact to confirm the booking of a appointment, i was told that my order had not been seen by the order team and it would be looked at right away, at this point i had not been told that there would be any problem with the order, i was then told that the appointment was made for today (which was not one of the times i gave). on the 11th i received a short but sweet email saying my order for phone service was cancelled with no explanation to as why? as i was away i did not chase it up (i know my fault).
this morning when i rang to find out where my router was i was told that the order was cancelled because my phone number could not be moved due to it being a virgin number, however i find this hard to believe as the area i live is in not on the virgin cable network and all of the phone outlets in the property are BT openreach branded. i was also tod that no new order had been placed and wouldn't of been for another 2-3 days if i hadn't rung. through l of this i was not told that my appointment would be cancelled and that i would not have to wait another 10 days!
the engineer is now scheduled to come on the 27th, a whole month after i placed my initial order!
i understand these things can happen plus-net but id really appreciate some communication so i don't waste the few holiday days i get from work waiting for some one to turn up when they aren't going to.
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Re: Shocking Customer service

Know what you mean. I have very similar problems and keep getting non descript texts that tell me nothing other than the appointment I made will not be kept.