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Say no to Tests that involve disconnections

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Say no to Tests that involve disconnections

Why when reporting a disconnect fault are you in turn running a test that adds another disconnection to the number already logged by the BT system, more there are the slower it gets.  The fact I have reported it means I will have had a number of disconnections in a short space of time usually.  So my SNR wont be healthy or will my IP profile and you adding a further one or more on top doesn't help.
Plus the fact with gateway issues, why is there a test that involves a disconnection.  The fault could well be linked to the gateway, so find out without disconnecting me as you can't fidn it if you disconnect me and I get a new gateway.
If not get BT to add a workaround that when you disconnect any customer the DLM will not see it.
I waited 3 days before doing a clean disconnection this morning to get a better IP profile.  SNR had dropped from the 12 it was to 9 / IPprofile increase to 4.3mbit verses the 3.8ish it was.  SNR is now back to 12 because you disconnected me once again.
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Re: Say no to Tests that involve disconnections

The type of disconnect from the tests we perform shouldn't cause any adverse affects. It's the same as if you disconnect in the router and then unplug it/
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