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Sad Ending

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Sad Ending

As with other reviews, no loyalty at all. I am not willing to pay extra.

Additionally, I have been without broadband for eleven days and have reported this twice, no help at all. 

So I have given 20 days cancellation notice. I voiced my concern that I will not be given any broadband services until my notice period is up. No reply.

I would like the last month's fee waived as this has caused a lot of inconveniences and I will move on. I have signed up with John Lewis Broadband.

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Re: Sad Ending

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Re: Sad Ending


Cancelling your Plusnet service could be a big mistake! You should let the new ISP handle the transfer of service.

It’s a great pity that you did not come to this forum earlier as both your problems could well have been addressed to your satisfaction.

Are you aware that John Lewis broadband. Is supplied through Plusnet?

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Re: Sad Ending


I agree with what you say but this is rather a interesting case, John Lewis do not actually run a broadband service I guess they are just agents for PN.

In this case he has left PN only to rejoin PN again via john lewis assuming he goes ahead.

On that basis is it still likely to cause problems for him ?

If any problems do arise how does that work ? Is it for John Lewis to sort any problems out with PN as the contract is with JL ?

Anybody know ?

Equally is it cheaper to get a deal via a agent rather than deal with a company direct ? As this is true in the case of car insurance.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sad Ending

Hi Ats12,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear you're leaving and apologise for any issues that have caused you inconvenience.


I have responded to your other post in full.


Thanks - LF


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Re: Sad Ending


I understand that whilst JL broadband is supplied by Plusnet the two are run as two totally separate organisations. JL have their own customer services, billing etc so they should be considered as two completely separate entities. They even use a different router.

Consequently as far as the OP is concerned this is unlikely to offset issues if the service does get cancelled. The risk is that if the contract is cancelled JL will charge for a new install, rather than a service transfer. There's also the risk that the OP will lose their phone number.

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Re: Sad Ending

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