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Rural Fibre being Extended?

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Rural Fibre being Extended?

I'm hearing rumours out here in the sticks that BTO is extending fibre to poles where the cabinet is a long way off, is that the case? 

In town, I find that I can often see three cabinets simultaneously, they are often so close, whilst in my village there just 3, hundreds of metres apart. My line run is 741 metres from my cabinet according to BTO figures.

My phone line shares electricity poles running 240v AC supply, if anyone wants to use me as a guinea pig, I'd be willing to give it a go!! 

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Re: Rural Fibre being Extended?

From this week's Telegraph, article by Openreach boss:


He said: “We need to move beyond tribal thinking and embrace a mix of technologies,” as he confirmed plans by BT to roll-out faster internet to 12m homes by 2020 were “on track”.

Of these, 10m will be given a copper connection using BT’s G.Fast technology, which uses the existing Openreach network. “We’ve been working on G.Fast for several years already,” Mr Selley said. “It can be rolled out quickly and at a lower cost.”