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Rubbish service

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Rubbish service

I am absolutely sick and tired of customer services. They NEVER respond to my queries. I have had numerous issues and problems ever since I regretfully joined this idiotic company. Every time I call they say oh we don't know about that and each time I have to explain the issue. The current problem is I was told by your company before I subscribed to your rubbish service that I could bar outgoing calls to mobiles however when I move to your company what do you know this is now not the case. I have called and called you and you are supposed to be listening to calls but you can't locate this. Weeks have again passed by and I again spoke to your customer services responding to your stupid questions and I formally ask for a final response letter from yourselves so that I can take the matter further and ask your regulators to pursue my complaint. Again NOTHING from you.SEND ME MY FINAL RESPONSE LETTER SO I CAN PURSUE MY COMPLAINT FOR SOMEONE TO INVESTIGATE YOUR LUDICROUS COMPANY. By the way this is only one issue from a number of many that I have had with your company. PLEASE NOW RESPOND
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Re: Rubbish service

You can take it further without a latter.... when you call of com just explain to them that you have requested one and plusnet are refusing to send you one......good luck if you leave them tho.... as they make up fake debt and threaten you with court
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Re: Rubbish service

I'm sorry for the poor experience that you've had.

From what I can see, it looks like we've tried to locate the original sales call, but can't find it. This was confirmed here, though I appreciate that you were probably expecting a call back. Something I've fed back to the agent.

In terms of what you're after, it may be best raising a ticket here, this sends the ticket to our complaints team who will give a full overview on the case.


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Re: Rubbish service


For the avoidance of confusion, do the sales reps have a list of 'to be expected / hoped for' features PlusNet's phone services will not offer?  That way confusions such as this cannot arise, as number call barring is not something PlusNet has ever offered as far as I can recall.


Do your home handsets support call barring?  My DECT phone system does this - I have it set to block 07 & 09 numbers - as I was reminded last night when I sought to call the wife after my mobile phone died. Embarrassed

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.